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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bike lanes coming to St. John and Park Avenue

McDonalds plans for surge in bike-thru traffic

This fall, the City of Portland and Maine DOT will repave parts of St. John Street and Park Avenue in the vicinity of Hadlock Field, making both streets narrower (from their current 4-lane configuration, to 1 lane in each direction, with bike lanes and a center turning lane).

At a public hearing this evening, most attendees were supportive and pleased with the city's initiative to make these streets safer.

Except for one sour elderly gentleman, the owner of the St. John Street McDonald's, who complained bitterly at the plan to reduce the number of car lanes in front of his business.

Funny how the fellow was never much worried about congested arteries before tonight.

Credit for this joke goes to Zack Barowitz, who had the presence of mind to mutter it in the cranky gentleman's presence.

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