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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Oh, SHIT, readers! I know lots of you ride bikes, but this General Motors advertisement implies that college ladies, in their impeccable good taste, might find guys like me unattractive on my bicycle, ERGO, I might not get laid as prolifically as I deserve!

SO WELL I"D BETTER incur massive debt to purchase a product that will lose half its value as soon as I drive it off the dealer's lot! And as long as we're talking GREAT ideas, why not buy some AXE BODY SPRAY as well? And BAILOUTS FOR EVERYONE!

Via BikePortland [the other one].


John Brooking said...

I've heard that they've since pulled the ad. Of course they are all apologetic that they offended cyclists, which they didn't mean to do, which COMPLETELY MISSES THE POINT, which is that they ever thought it was okay in the first place.

Personally, I noticed that the cyclist looked like he was probably right up against the curb, next to the car in the travel lane, so I interpreted the woman's look as "Gutter bunnies are, like, SO uncool!" And the cyclist would be thinking "I should have used the travel lane..." But that's just me. :-)

Corey Templeton said...

Interesting approach from the marketing team. Ultimately it was intended to sell their cars, not to directly offend bicyclists (many of whom own cars). But out of spite, I think another creative approach might be to keep the same ad but show the person in the car as being egregiously overweight.

Scott said...

I thought the woman in the car was checking out his manly bike shorts bulge and the cyclist had his hand over his eyes because he forgot to wear sunglasses.