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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Megabus now booking for Portland-Boston Concord Coach buses

While there's been no actual increase in the number of buses going between Portland and Boston, you can now book your Concord Coach bus tickets to South Station via the Megabus website. By booking in advance on the website instead of buying your tickets at the station, you can get much cheaper fares (and also plan for and buy connecting bus tickets to NYC and the dozens of other cities that Megabus serves).

Right now, a round trip ticket to Boston, bought at the station, costs $36. But, if you can plan a few weeks in advance, you can now buy a ticket on the same bus for as little as $1 one-way through the Megabus website. Typical fares will be more than a dollar, of course, and indeed, Megabus might even charge more than the Concord Coach ticket counter in some situations, so it's worth comparison shopping. Still, if you're willing to trade the flexibility of a standard first-come, first-served Concord Coach ticket for a reservation on a specific bus, the Megabus option could save you some money.

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