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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Greater Portland wins $1.6 million to plan to become a "transit-focused" region

The Department of Housing and Urban Development today announced the winners of the first round of winners in the new "Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grants" program. The Greater Portland Council of Governments won $1.6 million to execute its proposal, which is looking at ways for us to become a "transit-focused" region.

I've only heard second-hand about the grant application and proposal, but I'm hoping to learn more soon. Here are the guidelines, in HUD's words:
"HUD’s inaugural grants under this program will support metropolitan and multi-jurisdictional planning efforts that incorporate housing, land use, economic development, transportation and infrastructure. This holistic planning approach will benefit diverse areas across the U.S. including $25.6 million split evenly between regions with populations less than 500,000 and rural places (fewer than 200,000 people). HUD is reserving $2 million to help all of these areas build the needed capacity to execute their plans."

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