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Friday, December 5, 2008

"I'm not sure they deserve it"

Adam Lee, president of one of Maine's largest car dealerships, is skeptical of a multi-billion-dollar bailout for the dinosaur manufacturers of Detroit. Via Green Inc.:

"I think it’s really, really wrong to be touting - in national TV, in their ads and in Congress - electric cars, hybrids and clean diesel on one side of their mouth, and on other side of their mouth they have lobbyists paid millions to fight against clean car rules," he said.
Detroit's car companies can't be hurting all that bad, when they're spending millions of dollars on lawyers to fight against higher gas-mileage standards in states like Maine.

They're already wasting our tax dollars by fighting reasonable efficiency standards in court - now they want to squeeze us for another $30 billion?

Here's an old favorite: GM workers protesting fuel-efficiency standards in 2002:

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