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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A map of pedestrian problem areas in Portland

This map shows all, or most, of the pedestrian-environment issues that Portlanders identified in the first public forum of the Portland Peninsula Transit Study a few weeks ago. Click to enlarge:

Note that clusters of problem areas concentrate along I-295, especially at its interchanges, and along major car-oriented arterials like Franklin, Washington, and Forest.

Please leave a comment if anything was missed, and I'll try to bring it to the Committee's attention.


Nick said...

Veterans bridge isn't safe to cross, and I think going from Riverside St to Brighton Ave there's no sidewalk

Corey Templeton said...

I've got to get out to one of these meetings someday.

I despise Frankin Arterial like everyone, but I find it pretty quick and easy to cross via Congress or Cumberland. The rest of the road is quite tricky.

Unknown said...

This map is a good idea, but with all the colors and patterns and symbols, it is pretty hard to understand.