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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Perestroika for MDOT & the Turnpike Authority

Congratulations to Christian on penning an editorial in today's Press Herald. Surely its theme of late Brezhnevian-style rot in our state's transportation bureaucracies is a familiar one for the readers of this blog, but it's nice to see the message dispersed to a slightly wider audience. Blurb here:

But in MDOT's view, the only problem with I-295 is that it needs more traffic. Their engineers admit that the expensive new lanes will quickly fill up with more cars and dump out more congestion, accidents and air pollution onto local streets in Portland, Falmouth and Freeport -- but they've been widening roads for 80 years, and are incapable of implementing more innovative or effective solutions. The failures of MDOT and the turnpike authority affect all of Maine.

Link to the rest of the editorial can be found here.

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