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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Portland's League of Young Voters gets mobile.

Passing this along from the League...

Join us this December 11th at the REAL DEAL to discuss the state of Transportation in Portland!

Where: 415 Congress Street, Suite 202 (Portland Business Center)
When: 12/11/2007 at 5:30-7 pm
Panelists: Kevin Donohue (Chair of Portland's Transportation Committee); Boyd Marley (Chair of State's Transportation Committee); Eric Osborn (Chair of the Bike/Ped Committee); Julia Dawson (PACTS transportation planner)

The Feel of the Night
- Introduction of panelists
- What are Portland's Regional transportation goals?
- What are Portland's transportation goals?
- What is PACTS? How did PACTS' top 8 earmarks get developed?
- What is the bike/ped role in local transportation? What challenges are Portland bikers, walkers, and other pedestrians facing?
- How can Portland transit and Portland Regional transit studies get incorporated into the ear marks? What is the timing of the local earmarks?

Followed by questions from the audience.

Following this meeting will be a public meeting on the recommendations of the I-295 corridor study, which did lousy diligence in getting public input and concluded that widening the freeway through Portland would be a capital idea. Bring your elbow-length latex gloves so we can pull MDOT's head out of its ass.

Also, the deadline for letters to PACTS is effectively now. If you haven't sent anything yet, put together two sentences to let them know that widening I-295 and the Gorham Bypass are unacceptable wastes of our money in the face of challenges like global warming and $3/gallon gasoline (actually, that's one sentence - easy).

Send your message to duncan@gpcog.org, jdawson@gpcog.org, and copy your congressional representatives. More details and talking points are here.

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