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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ironic Quote of the Day

The OP Maine State Pier proposal version 1.0. Released 0 days after City deadline.

The OP MSP proposal v. 2.0. Released 3 weeks after City deadline. The completely new project seems seemly to Councilor Jill Duson, who voices no objections.

The OP MSP Proposal v. 3.0. Released 4 months after City deadline, after the conclusion of all public meetings save one. The completely new project is nevertheless completely in order with Councilor Jill Duson.

Councilor Jill Duson, on another Councilor's suggestion that the City delay negotiations with Ocean Properties until the developers can submit new proposals that include the adjacent Ocean Gateway terminal:

"This is unseemly. This is a completely new project. It is completely out of order.”

Source: Portland Press Herald, Councilors Deadlock, 9/18/07.

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