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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Go Play in Traffic

John Brooking, the founder of the Portland Bike Commuters' Meetup Group, will be leading a 3-part introductory course on how to cycle safely and confidently on busy roads.

Here's John's description of the first class, "Train Your Bike," coming up on Saturday June 11 from 9 am to 1 pm:

In this three hours of fun you will train your bike to perform at low speed, at high speed and in emergency situations.

You will teach your bike to behave:
  • As you start and stop correctly
  • Stop without putting a foot down
  • Maneuver with precision at low speeds
  • Communicate with the drivers behind you
  • Race sloooowly
You will teach your bike to be frisky at high speed:
  • Use your gears efficiently to accelerate
  • Avoid obstacles with the rock dodge
  • Dance through a slalom course
  • Corner with precision
You will teach your bike to get you out of trouble
  • Snap turn 90° in a 4ft radius
  • Stop on a dime ~ without going over the handlebars

The full course also includes these future classes:

The truth and techniques of traffic cycling (3 hrs):
Classroom session. Discover that bicycling is very safe and that with a few simple techniques, you can make your own cycling virtually conflict-free.

Tour of Portland (3.5 hrs):*
On-road tour. We will show you simple strategies to eliminate obstacles and ride with ease and confidence in places you might never have thought possible. *requires completion of previous 2 classes

A la carte session $30/each; full course package $75. Register online here.

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