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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Commute Another Way Week

It's lousy weather for walking or cycling around town today, but it's nevertheless "Commute Another Way Week" here in Maine and across the nation. Some inspiration:

Today's Press Herald op-ed page features a column from editor and adjunct professor Henry Garfield of Bangor, who enjoys thousands of dollars in additional disposable income every year thanks to his decision not to pay for and take care of an automobile. "Giving up my car brought two immediate and ongoing benefits. I lost 10 pounds, and have kept the weight off ever since by walking and bicycling; and I had more money left at the end of the month because it wasn't going to car payments, insurance, gas, and repairs."

And here's a blog post about how they get to work at the world's most innovative company. Over a thousand workers - including the billionaire founder and the Chief Financial Officer - rode their bikes to the campus last Thursday (how would you like a 55-mile bike ride across redwood-forested mountains to start your day?).

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