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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Running for Bayside/Parkside

At the urging of some of my neighbors, I have undertaken a bid for Maine's State House, to represent District 119 (the Bayside and Parkside neighborhoods) when Rep. Herb Adams retires this year.

If you read this blog, you're probably familiar with where I stand on a lot of issues. Obviously, making the Maine Dept. of Transportation more considerate and proactive about sustainable modes of transportation is a big goal of mine. But I'm also interested in doing more to cultivaqte small businesses as an economic development strategy, promoting more walkable downtown development in Maine's smaller villages and Main Street areas, and doing more to support immigrant populations in our neighborhood and across the state.

In order to have a fighting chance, I need to collect 60 $5 contributions in one week, in order to qualify for the state's Clean Elections Funding. These contributions all have to come from the Bayside, Parkside, and East Bayside neighborhoods. So if you're my neighbor, PLEASE go to the state's secure website and make a contribution online:

Even more importantly (because I definitely need help with this), if you know anyone else who lives in Bayside or Parkside, please vouch for me and ask them to chip in five bucks as well.

Thanks, readers!


henry said...

hey, i moved off the peninsula 2 years ago so i can't donate, but i moved out of brooklyn 2 years before that and i saw what highways do to neighborhoods without representation. looking forward to doing what i can for you when you need more distributed support.

Zack said...

How do your positions differ from Jill Barkley's?

Greg N said...

Hey, I tried to donate, but we live on outer Washington Ave, wouldn't let me. If I can be of any help going forward let me know, bike commuters definitely need a new and stronger voice in Augusta. My email is gtn80 at gregnorton.net.