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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Corey at the Portland Maine Daily Photo blog has published some shots of the under-construction Bayside Trail, an exclusive street for bikes and pedestrians that will extend from Elm Street in Bayside north to Tukey's Bridge and the Eastern Prom.

Much of the excavation for this project is being done in order to treat stormwater in the neighborhood, which is build on filled-in land. The "Bayside Promenade" will include raingardens and landscaped swales to collect and filter rainwater, rather than let it collect street grime and pollute Casco Bay.

Also in the works: bike lanes on Ocean, Forest, and Deering Avenues (several sections of these streets are still being repaved, after a rainy summer postponed work). Signs are up but the paint on the street isn't there yet; at this point, I wonder if Public Works might hold off on striping the lanes until next spring. Stay tuned.

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