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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hummer: under new ownership

Wired Magazine's auto blog recently summarized some interesting research done on the psychology of meathead Hummer owners:

According to an article published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Americans who believe in rugged individualism and the frontier myth see an H2 as John Wayne on wheels. “As we studied American Hummer owners and their ideological beliefs, we found that they consider Hummer driving a highly moral consumption choice,” the authors wrote. “For Hummer owners it is possible to claim the moral high ground.”
The same research found that "The moralistic critique of their consumption choices readily inspired Hummer owners to adopt the role of the moral protagonist who defends American national ideals."

That is to say, all the haters flipping the bird at these bankruptcy tanks are only calcifying their owners' beliefs that they're defending the Real America.

With that in mind, then, I'd like to offer some more effective talking points for our discussions with Hummer drivers:
  1. "Great, another loser driving a General Motors bailout-on-wheels. Get a job and stop wasting taxpayer money!"

  2. "Hey, a Hummer! The latest brand-acquisition of Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery! You bleeding hearts just love sending your money to the filthy commies, don't you?"

  3. "So how does it feel to drive THE icon of America's failed auto industry? It must feel pretty good to YOU GODDAMN AMERICA HATERS."
Not that this is a complete list. Add your own in the comments, please.

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