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Thursday, August 6, 2009

PACTS blog and the new Regional Bike/Ped Plan

PACTS, the regional planning agency that directs transportation investments in the greater Portland area, has started a blog.

Keeping a government planning website up to date with the latest meeting minutes and planning documents isn't easy, and most public agencies (PACTS included) struggle with it. But blogs are easy for anyone to update, so hopefully, this will give citizens (and PACTS committee members themselves) a better way to stay in the loop.

The inaugural post
is all about the draft Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update. The centerpiece of this plan is a mapped network of bike routes, sidewalks, and pedestrian trails in the greater Portland area, going as far west as Sebago Lake, south to Biddeford, and north to Freeport. You can provide feedback by leaving a comment.

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