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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A New Blog for Sustainable Transportation

Corey Templeton, the Portland Daily Photo blogger, has started a handsome new blog called "Walk Around Portland." As he wrote last week in the inaugural post,

You are viewing the beginning of a new blog, focused on the car-free (is there supposed to be a hyphen there or not?) lifestyle of a native Portlander (myself). Do note, we are talking about the Portland on the East Coast, Portland, Maine. Although the title of the site is "Walk Around Portland," I will focus on other subjects besides pedestrian activity such as public transportation, bicycling, and public spaces among other topics.
The latest post is an in-depth look at Exit 6, the highway blockade between the USM campus, the grocery store, Deering Oaks Park, and downtown. I've already added it to my RSS subscriptions, and am looking forward to future posts!

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