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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bike Coalition of Maine fundraiser tonight at Flatbread

Two news stories about the city's proposed bike lane project (which still has to survive two votes in the City Council - including one committee vote this evening):

Portland Press Herald: City may cut parking to add bike lanes
Portland Daily Sun: Bike lane proposal would eat up parking on Ocean, Washington Aves.

And as predicted, the first article interviews grumpy people who live on Washington Ave. and don't want to lose their taxpayer-subsidized on-street vehicle storage units. Luckily, there are thousands of unused parking spots on adjacent side streets - realistically, this shouldn't be a serious issue.

Anyway, after you're done telling the transportation committee of the City Council how important these bike lanes are (tonight, 5-7 PM in Room 209 of City Hall), head down to the waterfront for dinner at the Bike Coalition of Maine's annual fundraiser at Flatbread. Passing this on from BCM executive director Alison Vogt:
Don't forget to join the Bicycle Coalition of Maine at Flatbreads Pizza on Commercial Street tonight between 5 and 9pm. Bicycle enthusiasts from the Portland area are encouraged to come out and enjoy an evening of pizza and beer. BCM receives a donation for all pizza and beer sold tonight (takeout orders count too).

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Turboglacier said...

Idea: Elevated parking lane along side of Washington Ave. Bike lane underneath at ground level. No loss of parking. Bikers protected from rain, snow. Everyone happy. I'd even pay more in taxes to see that.