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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ding, Dong, the Pier Deal's Dead

The Maine State Pier redevelopment deal is dead after the state refused to relinquish its ownership rights to the submerged lands under the pier. This morning's Press Herald has the whole story.

Players from the same Tammany Hall crew that made a shit-show of the original pier negotiations have just been elected to the new City Council and are in the process of buying the ailing daily paper, so let's hope that the state's ownership claim puts the kibosh on any redevelopment discussions for a good while longer.

There are much better, much more productive redevelopment opportunities all over downtown Portland: Franklin Arterial, Bayside, Gorham's Corner, the Eastern Waterfront. Why the City and these developers continue to sow divisiveness and waste money by trying to install a tacky tourist valhalla on our working waterfront is beyond me.

There's more sordid news from the Maine State Pier fiasco in the archives. Let's hope that we can put it to rest for a good long while.

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