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Friday, February 22, 2008

The new New Vision for Bayside

The PPH reported yesterday on updated proposals for the city-owned former railyards in Bayside, a district that has been targeted for an expansion of Portland's walkable, dense downtown area for almost a decade now (click here for the City's "A New Vision for Bayside" plan, vintage 2000). Here's a map of three of the proposals for which I could figure out detailed location information (click on the map for architectural renderings):

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If you know where I can find pictures or site plans for the other three proposals, please leave a comment.

I need to see more detailed site plans and renderings before I endorse any of these plans myself, but these three look very promising. With six different proposals from four developer teams, and an established citizens' plan already in place, the redevelopment of Bayside promises to be a lot more orderly and successful than last year's Maine State Pier circus. Plus, there aren't any cruise ships, fake tans, or outsized egos this time around. I'm looking forward to seeing this new urban neighborhood get built.

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Jessica said...

what a good use of google maps, very informative.