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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bring Renys to Portland

Now that both the Whole Grocer and Wild Oats lie fallow in the strip malls of Marginal Way, the Bayside neighborhood has two large retail spaces that are both within walking distance of most of downtown Portland's neighborhoods and without tenants.

Wouldn't either of these places be a good place for a good, Maine-based, general merchandise retailer like Renys? Renys is a chain store, which means that precious Old Port shoppeowners might turn up their noses at the idea, but I, for one, would love to have a place downtown where I could buy a toaster, or diversify my wardrobe beyond last year's rejects from L.L. Bean.

Renys also believes in locating their stores in or near downtowns (their Main Street Gardiner store is pictured), and they're expanding, with a newly-opened store in Saco. Either of the former grocery store spaces would also give them the chance to attract foot traffic from the planned Bayside trail. If you're a peninsula resident or a downtown worker who would like to give Renys some of your business, let them know: feedback@renys.com


Jim said...

I love Reny's. I've wished they would move to Portland for years. I have no idea why anyone would refuse to shop at Reny's even if they are a chain—they are still a Maine company. In fact, I would say they exemplify the kind of Maine business people should want support. Just shop there once, and you'll be a convert!

Jessica said...

I have a Remy's anecdote that I'd like to share with your readers:

I have a friend, let's call her "Naomi," who was going jean shopping with another friend, let's call her "Emmy." They were sitting in Naomi's parents' kitchen discussing their plans when Naomi's dad chimed in and said, "You should go to Reny's, they have great jeans there."
Naomi sighed and said, "Dad, I think Emmy wants designer jeans."
"Reny's has all kinds of jeans," Dad replied, "They have Lee's."
"Do they have Seven for all Mankind?" asked Emmy.
And Naomi's Dad replied, "Yes, I do believe they have someting for all mankind."

I think that could be Reny's new slogan.