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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Perestroika for socialized parking?

How's this for your radical communist land policy? Tippecanoe County, Indiana has provided roughly 3/4 of an acre rent- and tax-free to every household in its jurisdiction by forcing every capitalist establishment and landlord oppressor to set aside mandatory quotas of their property for free public use. There's only one hitch: in order to enjoy this rent-free real estate, you have to be inside of a motor vehicle.

Tippecanoe County has 11 free parking spaces for every household, thanks to mandatory free-parking production quotas imposed on every building. And the local proletariat rabble still thinks that it's not enough.

Follow the link for a journey down the rabbit hole of America's socialized parking policies:

Salon.com: We Paved Paradise

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Matti said...

On the flip side it looks like some people are using parking spaces for something other than cars...
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Does Portland have enough public spaces?