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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Last night was decision night for the Maine State Pier and the results were ... Inconclusive. That's right, a 4-4 deadlock on both proposals. ( Councilor Jim Cohen recused himself due to a potential conflict of interest.) Juicy details here and here.

By the way, when I was there watching the action last night I saw an Opie supporter wearing a polo shirt (they sure looove their polo shirts) emblazoned with the slogan "Consider it Done." I bet that guy felt pretty low after the vote was taken. He and all his Opie buddies could use some cheering up. Maybe someone could print them up some polo shirts emblazoned with the slogan "Consider it D'oh!"

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Andrea said...

Delurk! So sorry to have missed this meeting. Thanks for the succinct recap. "Consider it d'oh" is a ha-ha highlight of the tragicomedy that is the pier project.