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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The public comment black hole and the Walk Score Olympiad

City Councilor Kevin Donoghue writes,

Your most recent blogpost unintentionally directs public comment into a black hole; I tested that thing out months ago my comment/question was, more or less: "how do residents know that their comments are not going into a blackhole?" I received neither an answer nor a copy of my inquiry in my packet. Please link people to the general Outlook link for email Council.
Zounds! A red-herring e-mail form that sends public comments into the ether, never to be heard from ever again... it's almost like testifying in person before Portland City Councilors Jim Cloutier and Jill Duson without any labor union connections!


For a less literal black hole, use these links to send e-mails directly to your Councilors:

Mayor Nick Mavodones: nmm@portlandmaine.gov
Dist. 1 Councilor Kevin Donoghue: kjdonoghue@portlandmaine.gov
Dist. 2 Councilor Dave Marshall: damarshall@portlandmaine.gov
Dist. 3 Councilor Donna Carr: dcarr@portlandmaine.gov
Dist. 4 Councilor Cheryl Leeman: cl@portlandmaine.gov
Dist. 5 Councilor James Cohen: jcohen@portlandmaine.gov
At Large Councilor Jill Duson: jduson@portlandmaine.gov
At Large Councilor Jim Cloutier: jcloutier@portlandmaine.gov
At Large Councilor Ed Suslovic: esuslovic@portlandmaine.gov

You can also find contact information at this web page, which is where Councilor Donoghue apparently got the home addresses for the Walk Score Olympiad.

As reported previously, Walk Score rates your home address according to how many shops and services are within a reasonable walking distance. In the Council, Kevin reports that Councilor Dave Marshall lives in the neighborhood with the highest walk score (91) while Councilor Jim Cohen finishes last with the unfortunate score of 25. Of course, everyone on the Council is trying hard to raise the score for the whole city... right?

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Mousee said...

My walk score is 22… I was rather upset with it. And I was surprised to know that there is another score called drive score to evaluate my house. I found the way to calculate it online at Fizber site (http://drivescore.fizber.com/). I’ve got much better results – 44.